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Privacy Queries

Any queries (including access requests) relating to personal information held by FITC should be directed to:

The Privacy Officer
Fitzsimon IT Consulting Pty Ltd
19 Foliage Court
Shailer Park QLD 4128

Tel +61 7 3801 2369
Fax +61 7 3388 0296

Privacy PolicyFitzsimon IT Consulting

Fitzsimon IT Consulting (FITC)'s privacy policy seeks to comply with Commonwealth and State Legislation governing the collection and recording of personal data.  It is our aim to protect any personal information from unauthorised use or disclosure.  We do this by addressing the 10 National Privacy Principles introduced by the Privacy Amendment Act 2000.

Our approach to the 10 National Privacy Principles is as follows:

  1. Collection
    FITC only collects personal information where it is required for the normal conduct of its business.  Personal information is usually collected directly from an individual client or potential client and with that individual's consent.  Where personal information is obtained via a third party, we take all reasonable steps to obtain consent for its use from the individual concerned.
  2. Use and Disclosure
    The primary use of personal information held by FITC is to efficiently provide information technology products and services to its clients or potential clients.  Additionally this data may also used for the provision of product updates and other market related information. Should you prefer not to receive any such information please advise FITC.
  3. Data Quality
    Personal information is kept up-to-date in the normal course of FITC’s day-to-day business.  Please contact FITC should you need to update your personal information.
  4. Data Security
    FITC is committed to your privacy.  We take all reasonable steps to ensure the integrity and security of any personal information held by us.  However, the company is unable to provide an absolute assurance that personal information will remain secure at all times therefore we do not accept any responsibility for incidences of unauthorised access to personal information, which is provided at your own risk.
  5. Openness
    FITC's privacy policy is available from our website or upon request to our Privacy Officer.
  6. Access and Correction
    FITC will provide access to individuals to any of their personal information held by the company for the purpose of review and correction.  Requests for access should be forwarded to the Privacy Officer.  In some circumstances, proof of identity may be required before such requests can be granted.
  7. Identifiers
    FITC does not use any identifier assigned by a government agency (eg Medicare Number, Driver's Licence Number) as its identifier of an individual.  Identifiers such as Australian Business Number are only used for purposes required by legislation.
  8. Anonymity
    Wherever practical, individuals have the option of not identifying themselves when entering transactions with FITC.  This will, however restrict the range of business processes that can be undertaken with those individuals.
  9. Transborder Data Flows
    FITC sometimes conducts work for overseas clients.  We undertake to not disclose to those clients any data collected in Australia without the individual's consent.
  10. Sensitive Information
    FITC will not collect sensitive information about you without your consent.
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Client Data

From time to time, FITC is is possession or control of personal information which is the property of our clients and relates to customers of our clients.  Under these circumstances, special security and non-disclosure conditions apply, in addition to the 10 Privacy Principles described above.  Any requests for access to this data will be referred to the owner of the data.

In particular, no data which is the property of one client will ever be disclosed to another client without the written consent of both clients and FITC.

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