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“Woot! ...first-up at!”     - Andy timetable announced

Andy has just heard about the timing of the session he is presenting at in Dunedin, NZ in January 2006.

His session is on Wednesday January 25, 2006 at 9:45am.  Not the keynote, but the first plenary session of the main conference!  (There are miniconfs on Monday and Tuesday, with the main conference starting on Wednesday.)

Abandoning his characteristic humility, Andy's immediate response was "Woot! Now, for the rest of the conference, they'll know I'm a God!"  Well it's good to see the message is getting out.  He's obviously really excited that he can then spend the rest of the conference catching up with people who will have been enthused by his presentation.

(P.S. The rest of us at Fitzsimon IT Consulting would like to point out that Andy is the "creative" one and we're not all like that, thank God!  ...or Andy!  ...whichever is the greater!)


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